Welcome to OGE Professional Services Ltd

OGE Professional Services Limited is a wholly owned indigenous company incorporated on August 22, 2011 under Nigeria Laws with registration Number RC 9073903 with the main objective of providing diversified and multidisciplinary professional and educational Services in Nigerian and other African Countries.

We offers a full range of professional services, based on our proven implementation methodology and expertise in helping our clients maximize the potential value of their business.

It is in pursuance of our corporate vision and mission that we have continued to develop relevant training/workshops to fill the gap and continue to attract wider attention especially as they focus on significant opportunities for public and private investment and offer new business challenges for players with strong project finance focus.

Welcome to OGE Business School

OGE Business School is an educational but limited liability company incorporated on May 18, 2017 under Nigeria Laws with registration Number RC 1414282 as a subsidiary of OGE Professional Services Ltd with the responsibility of organising both educational and professional training programmes of OGE Group of Companies. OGE Business School serves as the liaising centre for all affiliated educational and professional institutions of OGE Professional Services Ltd.