Assurance & Accountancy Services

Assurance & Accountancy Services

OGE Professional Services Ltd has built its assurance services' reputation on a continuing program of excellence and sound ethical values. We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and independence as the foundation for our quality control. At OGECOPS, we are committed to making your entire engagement as efficient as possible. We understand your need to receive information, reports and audited financial statements in a timely fashion. We will work with you to thoughtfully address all accounting, reporting and filing issues.

The "corporate failures in many countries in recent times," has led to the growing public awareness of the need for accounting and finance professionals that can detect corporate unethical behaviours. Now the need for investigative services within the accounting departments of such big companies needs to be dealt with. However, the regular person with a CA, CPA, ACCA or ACA will not have the skills that are required to investigate management. There has been such mismanagement, fraud, and unethical behaviour within these companies that the need for accounting "watchdogs" has become a big issue. We provide all levels of accounting and attestation services, including:

Compiled financial statements
Contract and temporary bookkeeping services
Preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements
Agreed-upon procedures on special accounts, items, and transactions
Review of internal controls

We help you strategically plan for growth and address financing requirements. Financial projections and forecasts assist you in making plans and key decisions. We also provide practical analysis of financial information on ratios, inventory, expenses and breakeven points. You can also benefit from recommendations for improvements in internal controls. ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING Not all accountants are equal. A good accountant will complete your accounts and bookkeeping, handle your VAT and Payroll and calculate your tax and may tell you how to avoid paying so much. An OGECOPS Accountant will provide all the above and interpret the data created and tell you what it means in real terms. He will listen, so he understands what your objectives are and provide you with sound practical advice to help you achieve them. An Active Accountant will focus on your future as much as your past. We provide a cost effective, comprehensive tailored service for start ups and established businesses:

Limited Companies
Limited Liability Partnerships
Services Provided
Book keeping
Business Set Up & Consultancy
Accounts preparation
Personal tax
Business tax
Capital gains tax
Business advice, counselling and mentoring
Software training and support

Accounting and Reporting. Do you feel the pressure of stricter accounting and more complex reporting requirements? As an independent third party service provider, we can manage your intermediary companies' accounting processes efficiently.