Business & Financial Advisory Services

Business & Financial Advisory Services

OGE BFAS Division works with clients in all stages of the business cycle and across all industries to meet their businesses objectives. The objective may be improving profitability, improving efficiencies, selling off business lines, exploring merger and acquisition opportunities or turning around a distressed business. Our professionals bring the highest technical skills to the table, in addition they offer real world experience gained through over years in meeting the consulting needs of clients. Some of the primary consulting services provided include:

Profit Enhancement
Internal Controls
Sarbanes Oxley
Litigation support (including expert witness testimony)
WTS Nakyea & Adebiyi (Tax Attorneys & Solicitors)
Mergers & acquisitions
Cost segregations
Business valuations
Owner Exit Strategies
Succession Planning
Buy / Sell Transactions
Employee stock ownership plans

Turnaround Consulting

Today's economic environment challenges management's decision-making capability and creates a new landscape of operational, legal, accounting and financial considerations. Competitive businesses, that have been stable for years, now have to improve operations and restructure their balance sheets in order to provide a platform for growth. No manager should feel alone in this process. Our business management consulting experience helps businesses deal with tough financial situations. The tools and financial expertise our company can provide, and the objectivity that comes from being independent of the situation, can give management the critical help needed to make sound decisions in the revitalization process. Our primary goals as turnaround businesses specialists are to return companies to viability while maximizing the recovery for all stakeholders. Companies emerging from corporate restructuring can then obtain traditional financing and become long-term clients of our Firm. While every situation may not have this outcome, we strive to provide exceptional service to help achieve the best result for our clients.

Banking & Financial Services

For over the years, the professionals in OGECOPS Banking Service Group have under studied the financial services industry. We have witnessed the changes that have occurred - from mergers and acquisitions to regulatory controls. Now, with the rapid changes occurring in technology and the advent of online services, new challenges are on the horizon. We believe it is our role to assist our clients in making important decisions about managing their growth and establishing a competitive foothold. Based on experience, our team of professionals adopts a practical approach to audit, compliance, and business consulting services. OGE Professional Services Ltd links the technical skills of these functions with the practicality and experience of business professionals. For example, when conducting an audit, many aspects of your internal operations are reviewed and these are often key areas for improving operational efficiencies. We believe that by providing proactive solutions we can provide a value-added relationship for our clients.

OGE Financial Services Group also serves clients in the Insurance Industry.

OGE provides a range of business and regulatory consulting services which includes among others:
Process design and implementation
Operational performance and efficiency reviews
Internal control design and implementation
External audits
Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) portfolio services and related employee benefit consulting
Internal auditing services
Fraud investigations
Strategic planning
Mergers and acquisitions
Loan portfolio analysis (monthly, quarterly or periodic) including analysis of past due status and adequacy of allowance for loans losses
Consult with management on executive and employee compensation programs
Analyze the impact of employee stock options on bank financial statements
Advice regarding lending services
Pre-loan financial analysis and due diligence
Loan reviews