Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Every business's success is dependent on the leadership, expertise and quality of the people working there. OGE Professional Services Ltd assists clients in hiring, maintaining, and supporting their workforces with services such as:

Management Recruiting
Management Advisory

Interim Controller and CFO

Many of our clients don't have the resources or work load to justify a full time controller or CFO. However, they still need a limited amount of those skills and expertise on a regular basis. That's when we step in, working on site, to provide this type of high level consultation. When the time is right for a permanent position to be filled, we can actually help recruit for the new position, as well as remain available for debriefings, prioritizations, questions, and follow-up meetings.


At OGE we offer our clients comprehensive Internet and Windows-based payroll processing solutions through some trusted payroll partners. With OGE Professional Services Ltd payroll services, you can save time, money and the hassles often associated with traditional payroll processing methods. OGECOPS offers clients' flexible Internet and PC payroll options which, makes payroll easy and intuitive for your business. For larger businesses with complex payroll needs, we offer our comprehensive, robust PC desktop application

Management Recruiting

Designing incentive plans, assessing your personnel needs, and testing employees are just a few of the ways we can help you when it comes to Human Capital. Our client experience encompasses the full range of industries including manufacturing, service companies, healthcare, and many more. Some of the Management Recruiting Services OGE Professional Services Ltd provides are:

Developing job descriptions
Conducting employee assessment
Writing and placing classified ads
Screening candidates
Testing employees
Administering payroll
Designing compensation and incentive plans
Placing temporary CEOs, CFOs, bookkeepers and more

We can assist you with all aspects of human resource consulting, from designing an internal department to securing and compensating your executive team. We also offer expertise in operational and financial system development, as well as employee benefit planning and administration.

Employee Development and Retention
Performance Planning and Evaluation Systems
Employee Surveys
Recognition Programs
Human Resource Policy and Practices
Personnel files and record keeping
Employee Handbooks
Policy and Practice Review and Recommendations
Termination and Outplacement Assistance

With expert facilitation, OGECOPS can guide your management team to communicate and develop big ideas. You can look forward to truly connecting—and hearing about what really matters to your team. Executive retreats are ideal for establishing your vision and mission, setting clear goals, solving problems and building a fresh approach. Your accounting and finance needs can't be put on hold. From day one, mistakes made in this arena can delay or prevent funding, impair important relationships, and even affect important decisions that are still several years down the road.

OGE can provide a complete solution by determining where your current gaps are and then filling them in with a team of outsourced professionals - bookkeepers, controllers, CFOs