Our Services

We're here to help with all your professional services needs.

Business & Financial Advisory Services

OGE BFAS Division works with clients in all stages of the business cycle and across all industries to meet their businesses objectives.

Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation

Forensic accounting is the application of professional accounting methodology and techniques, auditing and investigative skills as well as principles to legal issues.

Information Technology Services

OGE aim is to provide effective, efficient, dependable and reliable I.T Services to our clients at reasonable costs

Assurance & Accountancy

OGE Professional Services Ltd has built its assurance services reputation on a continuing program of excellence and sound ethical values.

Internal Audit/Control

Internal controls are designed to prevent and detect errors or fraudulent activities, safeguard assets, ensure financial information is accurate and reliable, and assist in the achievement of business objectives.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Every business's success is dependent on the leadership, expertise and quality of the people working there. OGE Professional Services Ltd assists clients in hiring,..

Tax Advisory Services

OGE Professional Services Ltd works to minimize state and local tax burdens for public and private companies.

Business Turn-around & Insolvency Services

OGE offer services on insolvency practice, in the area receivership, liquidation and turnaround management of dying and insolvent projects.