Our Services

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OGE Foundation

OGE Foundation is incorporated as a non-for-profit making organisation, to help humanity and eradication of poverty in all nations where OGE Group is located.


OGE Professional Services Limited is a wholly owned indigenous company incorporated under Nigeria Laws with registration No RC 9073903

OGE Professional Service was incorporated with registration number BN 2354254, as an independent arm of OGE Professional Service Ltd.

OGE Business School is an educational but Limited Liability Company incorporated under Nigeria Laws with registration Number RC 1414282

In order to fulfil the mandate of OGE Business School, with respect to the provision and establishment of platforms for intellectual intercourse…

Our Values

  • passionate about the quality professional services and seek to ensure its continued success

  • strive for excellence and international best practice in all aspects of our services

  • are dedicated to the development of our people as well as those of our partners and clients

  • are conscious of the need for business and industry to improve the environment in which we operate

  • seek to add value to our partners and clients through innovation, synergies and partnerships

  • consider dedicated teamwork as core to our culture; and

  • ensure that the imperatives of reducing poverty are encouraged and implemented.